Atlanta’s Dangerous Roads

There are many reasons people are attracted to the city of Atlanta – from the Fox Theater to Turner Field, the Georgia city has plenty sights to offer its visitors. An unfortunate side effect of a popular city, though, is road congestion, which poses a higher risk to drivers. More people on the road allows for more opportunity for mistakes, and at Ausband & Dumont we are all too familiar with the amount of accidents that drivers in Atlanta deal with. Our attorneys are not only familiar with how to build an accident claim, but we know the Atlanta area well.

Atlanta Roads With The Most Risks

While an accident can happen anytime and anywhere, there are certain areas that cause the most injuries and fatalities in the city. An accident can happen for many reasons, which includes failure to signal, driving with large loads, or simply drivers who neglect to pay attention. Some of the most accident-prone roads in Atlanta include:

  • Piedmont and Pharr Intersection, due to frequent large postal trucks turning into a busy lane,
  • Cumberland Mall Exchange (I-75 and I-285), due to increased congestion at multiple times of the day, and
  • West Ponce Bridge, due to sudden lane changes by tall trucks.

When individuals are careless about their driving practices, particularly in these areas, they can put multiple people in danger. It is important to know when you are in a hazardous driving zone so you can practice defensive driving to protect yourself and others. If someone was negligent on any roadway and caused you harm, then pursuing legal compensation can help you with medical bills, physical therapy, and car repairs.

Consult With an Atlanta Truck Accident/Car Accident Attorney

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