Claims Involving Stair Collapse

While structural issues like stair collapse are relatively uncommon in modern buildings, the injuries sustained when they do collapse can be severe, if not life-threatening. Typically, it is a property owner’s duty to maintain the structural integrity of their property, including staircases that are subject to normal wear and tear. With that in mind, property owners who are negligent and on whose property an individual becomes injured in a stair collapse may be held financially liable for any and all damages associated with those injuries in the Atlanta area.

Contributing Factors in Stair Collapse

Typically, it is a property owner’s responsibility to maintain the structural safety of his or her property. This is because without adequate upkeep and maintenance, a property’s stairs may collapse should:

  • Wood be too aged and rotted
  • The construction quality be inadequate
  • The stairs have been exposed to weathering
  • Instabilities involving other property aspects

Since property owners are responsible for maintaining the safety of their property, any unwarned and unprotected guest who becomes injured in a stair collapse may be able to pursue financial restitution for any and all damages sustained in an accident.

Consult an Atlanta Stair Collapse Attorney

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