Driving Behaviors that Cause Pedestrian Car Accidents

As a vibrant, heavily-populated city, many choose to travel around Atlanta on foot. For some, walking is a healthy, environmentally-conscious mode of transportation that forgoes many of the complications of driving. Though generally safe, pedestrians are too often put at risk by negligent drivers. When pedestrian car accidents do happen, the injuries can often be much more severe than other car accidents due to how vulnerable pedestrians are. Because of this, the financial impact of pedestrian car accidents is an often much greater burden. When these accidents result from driver negligence, the responsible party may be made to make financial restitution to the victim. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help victims recover their damages from the pedestrian car accident.

Reckless Behaviors That Often Contribute to Pedestrian Car Accidents

Too often, drivers who engage in the following dangerous behaviors have a higher likelihood of hitting pedestrians:

  • Failure to obey signs indicating pedestrian crosswalks and throughways
  • Failure to stop completely at red lights
  • Failure to adequately slow down when taking turns

Pedestrian car accidents often have a lasting impact on victims and their families. When driver negligence contributes to these accidents, our Atlanta legal team can help hold the responsible party financially accountable through a civil suit.

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