Pursuing Insurance Claims

While you concentrated on recovering from the injuries you sustained in a car accident, you likely expected your insurance company to honor the terms of your policy and to provide you with the financial relief you greatly need. However, if your insurance company has instead elected to deny your insurance claim or honor it only in part, it may be necessary to retain legal representation to protect your rights.

When You Should Consult with a Lawyer

Sadly, when it is time for some insurance companies to honor the terms of their policies, they are either slow to do so or refuse to honor them altogether. With that in mind, it is highly advisable that you retain legal representation if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • If you are pressured into a quick, unfair settlement by a claims adjuster
  • If the compensation you are offered does not cover your expenses
  • If the stature of limitations in Georgia will soon prevent you from challenging a past claim

Our Atlanta legal team does everything they possibly can to help protect the interests of our clients and may be able to help you ensure your insurance company honors the exact terms of your policy.

Consult with an Atlanta Insurance Claims Lawyer

At Ausband & Dumont, our Atlanta insurance claims lawyers understand tactics many insurance companies employ in an attempt to escape their fiduciary duties to policyholders and, therefore, know how best to challenge those strategies in an effort to recover the funds promised under the exact terms of a policy. To discuss the particulars of your situation with one of our Atlanta personal injury lawyers, please call our Atlanta offices at (404) 812-0051 today.