Truck Accidents Caused by Brake Malfunction

Even when trucking companies and their drivers do everything that they can to ensure their vehicles are operating correctly, there is little that either party can do to protect against a mechanical defect or malfunction of the brake system. That being said, liability for these accidents usually shifts to the company responsible for producing or designing the defective or malfunctioning system.

Pursuing Compensation for Your Accident

Though this is sure to be a difficult time for you and your family, it will be in the best interests of your family to begin working through the legal process as soon after the accident as you are able. At Ausband & Dumont, our legal team has the experience and the resources necessary to pursue the compensation you need to offset the costs associated with your recovery, including but not limited to the following:

  • Your medical and rehabilitative care
  • The income you lose during your recovery
  • Any diminishment to the quality of your life

Whatever the particulars of your claim happen to be, we can evaluate your situation and then help you pursue a course of legal action against the party responsible, whether that is the manufacturer, designer, or the company responsible for the brake system that failed.

Consult with a Mechanical Defect and Malfunction Attorney

If you or someone you love was hurt in a truck accident that was caused by brake failure in an 18-wheeler, you should speak with a mechanical defect and malfunction lawyer at Ausband & Dumont about what compensation you may be able to pursue through a legal claim. To speak with an attorney about the particulars of your case, please call our Atlanta offices at (404) 812-0051 today.