Truck Accidents Caused by Tire Defects

Tires are perhaps the most important part of any vehicle, yet there are frequently overlooked by passenger vehicle drives and truck drivers alike. Tires are responsible for bearing the vehicle weight as well as almost every performance aspect of the vehicle. When a vehicle weighs as much as a heavy haul truck, the task is not easily accomplished, as trucks experience more blowouts than any other vehicle. Truck drivers and trucking companies are expected to ensure that all of their vehicles meet federal safety standards. If they fail to do so and injuries occur as a result, they must be held liable for the accident they have caused.

Effects of a Tire Defect

Unfortunately, many trucks on the road today are wearing defective tires, and their drivers may never be aware of this until an accident has already occurred. Some of the possible consequences that a tire defect can result in include:

  • Loss of steering
  • Impaired braking and acceleration
  • Rollovers
  • Flying tire debris
  • Increased traffic

Heavy haul trucks and their drivers must travel thousands of miles per week to meet their strict delivery deadlines. This excess stress on the tires can lead to defects and cause severe traffic accidents for all drivers on the road.

Contact a Atlanta Tire Defect Attorney

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