When a Child is Injured at School

Many parents foster reasonable expectations that their children will be safe and receive adequate supervision at school. While these expectations are generally met, some children do sustain injuries while at school. Furthermore, these injuries sometimes stem from some form of negligence by a third party.

Reasons an Injury Might Occur at School

Although public school districts hold more immunity against negligence lawsuits than private schools, there are some cases in which they may still be held accountable. For example, if a child is injured as a result of one of the following forms of negligence, the child’s Atlanta school district could be held financially accountable:

  • Poor maintenance of school property or playground equipment
  • Inadequate supervision that allows students to engage in dangerous activities
  • Excessive punishment against a student committed by a school official

When a parent sends their child off to school, they have every reason to believe that their child will be safe. As such, a child’s injury at school can be particularly troubling for the child’s parents.

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