Millions of vehicles to be recalled by Toyota

Toyota has announced that it will recall about 6.4 million vehicles worldwide over steering and seat issues.

In a report issued by Toyota to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the car manufacturer mentioned that the airbag may not function properly. An illuminated warning light is an indicator that the airbag may malfunction. Toyota also stated that some of its cars have faulty seat rails that may not secure the seats from sliding.

The recall will effect almost 1.8 million Toyota cars in the country.

Airbags and seat locks are designed to provide an added component of safety and protection. However, there are instances when a car maker fails to address issues affecting these safety features. If you have suffered adversely because of a defective product such as this in Atlanta, a lawyer from Ausband & Dumont will be able to help you assess the eligibility of filing a civil claim. To speak with an attorney call us today at (404) 812-0051.


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