Toyota recalls Lexus vehicles due to potential fuel leak

Toyota is voluntarily recalling 423,000 of its Lexus units after it learned about a defective gasket sealing that might cause fuel leakage, according to a report by USA Today on October 15.

The company’s Lexus division is recalling 2007-2010 LS Sedan, 2006-2011 GS Sedan, 2006-2011 IS Compact, 2010 IS C, and 2008-2010 IS-F to repair the faulty gasket sealing between the fuel pressure sensor and the fuel delivery pipe. Toyota said the fuel pipe’s anti-corrosion plating might make its way into the gasket seating surface, thereby weakening the seal between the pipe and the sensor and making it possible for the fuel to leak.

Toyota has not yet received any complaints related to the condition.

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