Honda to recall defective Takata airbags nationwide

Honda decided to expand its recall of Takata’s defective airbags to include all U.S. states, Fox Business reported on October 3.

The move came after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requested that Takata and affected car makers broaden their recall of the defective airbag to include the rest of the country. Initially, recalls were limited to areas with high humidity, which can influence the rupture of the defective inflators and cause the airbag to explode and dangerously spray metal pieces.

On Tuesday, however, Japanese airbag maker Takata resisted NHTSA’s request, stating it would only initiate a nationwide recall if further testing confirmed that regional recalls did not sufficiently address the issue.

Safety products, such as airbags, are designed to provide an added layer of protection for both the drivers and the occupants. If defectively-manufactured, however, these devices may cause more harm than good. If you have been hurt by a defective product in Atlanta, a lawyer at the Ausband & Dumont might be able to help you file a legal complaint against the party involved. Call us at (404) 812-0051 for a free assessment of your case.

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