Unreported Storefront Accidents

Storefront crashes, or incidents in which cars collide with retail stores and shopping customers, happen daily but often go unreported. From 2000-2009 Cumberland Farms, a regional convenience store chain, reported 485 storefront incidents alone. One accident included a woman walking into one of their Massachusetts convenience stores when a vehicle nearby lost control and hit her.

Cases such as these often go unreported because the large corporations involved frequently choose to settle matters out of court and include confidentiality agreements that prohibit media coverage. Sadly, some of these accidents can injure several individuals at once, frequently resulting in severe injuries and even death. A report by FairWarning.org stated that accidental storefront crashes were responsible for at least 16 deaths and around 587 injuries from April 2013 – April 2014.

Many stores have prevention methods in place, such as bollards, to protect their customers. Bollards, or steel and concrete posts along the storefront, are low-cost safety barriers that are successful in limiting the damage storefront accidents can cause. With the prevalence and frequency of these types of incidents, bollards and other precautions are a great option for maintaining public safety.

If you were injured because a commercial property owner failed to take necessary safety precautions to keep customers safe, you could be eligible to take legal action. Learn more by contacting a storefront crash lawyer at the Ausband & Dumont today by calling (404) 812-0051.

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