Andrew Ausband representing autistic child allegedly assaulted by teachers

Andrew Ausband of Ausband & Dumont is representing an eight year old autistic boy who was allegedly assaulted by his teachers at Newton County’s Mainstay Academy. The school offers services for autistic children.

The boy came home from school one day with complaints about feeling pain in his face. His mother believes that he was held down forcibly. However, the teacher’s report said that he was hitting his own face and head against the floor. The alleged assault took place on September 14th.

The boy is afraid to go back to school after the incident and is being home schooled until his family can find a new place for him to attend.

A child should never have to fear abuse from their teachers or school staff. If your child was hurt on school property by the staff or as a result of unsafe circumstances on campus, you may be able to recover medical expenses or other costs related to the injury. Speak with an Atlanta child injury attorney from Ausband & Dumont at (404) 812-0051 to learn more.

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