Medical examiner certifying truck drivers arrested

A medical examiner based in Atlanta, Georgia was arrested for failure to practice proper examination procedures on truck drivers. The medical examiner, who has been operating in an Atlanta-area Petro truck stop, was issuing medical certifications without performing thorough evaluations on truck drivers. He was identified as Dr. Anthony Lefteris.

According to reports, Lefteris may have issued more than a thousand medical certificates since his clinic opened in 2014. The Department of Transportation said Lefteris is no longer certified to perform the exams. However, the agency didn’t specify if the truck drivers certified by Lefteris are required to get a new certification. Lefteris is scheduled to appear in court on December 20 following his arrest on December 1. He is facing eight counts of false writing of the DOT’s examination forms and false entry into DOT records with the intend to impede and influence.

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