Truck drivers seen by Dr. Lefteris required to be re-examined

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that more than 6,600 truck drivers will need to be re-evaluated following the arrest of Dr. Anthony Lefteris over falsifying truck drivers’ certifications.

Earlier this month, Lefteris was arrested for allegedly issuing medical certification to truck drivers without performing full body examination. He is arrested for fake certification and uploading false information the Department of Transportation (DOT) recording system.

According to the DOT, an estimate of 6,600 truck drivers from 48 states are affected by the issue and are required to seek an examiner from FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to receive a medical re-qualification.

Drivers will be informed via mail and will be given 30 days to qualify for a medical certificate. Failure to comply with the given standards will result in being deemed medically prohibited to operate.

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