Shaken Baby Syndrome

Atlanta Shaken Baby Syndrome Lawyers

The medical professionals bringing your baby into the world are handling a precious life, and they must handle it with care. Brain cells of newborns are extremely vulnerable. Any amount of forceful shaking could put your child at risk of shaken baby syndrome, an injury that can cause permanent brain damage and even death.

Any medical professional who shakes a baby has committed a dangerous form of abuse and abandoned their duty to ensure a safe delivery. If your child developed shaken baby syndrome in delivery, the Atlanta birth injury attorneys at Ausband & Dumont can help you to hold those who caused it accountable.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Claims in Atlanta

Shaken baby syndrome can create devastating complications in your child’s life and the life of your family. Our legal team in Atlanta can increase your chances of recovering compensation for many of these complications, including:

  • The cost of medical care: Shaken baby syndrome can cause severe brain damage, along with potential complications such as cerebral palsy or seizure disorders. All of these can incur serious short-term and long-term medical costs.
  • Damages to your child’s quality of life: Complications of shaken baby syndrome can give your child a difficult life. Your child could suffer from blindness, hearing loss, and mental or developmental disabilities for the rest of their life. All of these complications can darken your child’s future and seriously complicate your job as a parent.
  • Emotional trauma: Seeing your child through a serious brain injury, such as shaken baby syndrome, can be a traumatic experience, especially for new parents. Not only is your entire family going through a terrible trial, but also the very people you had trusted to bring your baby into the world have betrayed your trust.

While nothing can reverse all the consequences of shaken baby syndrome or right the wrong done to your child and your family, monetary compensation for all of these issues can help to ease the burden.

Contact a Shaken Baby Syndrome Attorney

Seeking compensation for shaken baby syndrome can be a difficult process. As you navigate this difficult time of your life, it is important to have someone in your corner who knows how to build your case. At Ausband & Dumont, our birth injury attorneys have experience holding abusive and negligent medical professionals accountable. We can increase your chances of recovering compensation for the harm caused to your child and family. If a medical professional caused your child to develop shaken baby syndrome in delivery, contact the Atlanta shaken baby syndrome attorneys at Ausband & Dumont today by calling (404) 812-0051.