Defective Airbags

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Innovations in engineering can make the future, which is often frightening and entirely unforeseeable, a little less uncertain. Even though we can never predict when we will be subject to the terrifying danger of a car accident, drivers around the world rest assured because we trust the various safety measures designed and implemented by manufacturers. For example, we rely on airbags to soften the damage of possible collisions every time we get into a car. Unfortunately, when airbags fail to deploy or function incorrectly, they can do more harm than good.
Manufacturers have a solemn duty to test their products comprehensively before giving them to the public. This responsibility becomes even more necessary when the product in question is meant to save lives. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always uphold the highest level of care when they are designing and testing parts. If an airbag manufacturer or car dealership knows about a defect but does not report it, they could be at fault. The Atlanta car accident attorneys at Ausband & Dumont firmly believe that drivers wounded by defective airbags deserve fair compensation.

Common Types of Airbag Defects

Airbags that fail to function properly can put drivers in extreme danger. Since these devices are designed to work at a critical moment, defects that alter the timing of the airbag severely compromise its effectiveness. Some common defects include:

  • Deploying too late to stop an individual’s head from hitting the dashboard
  • Deploying inappropriately when an accident has not occurred, obscuring the driver’s vision and possibly wounding the driver
  • Failing to deploy, resulting in injury or death
  • Deploying dangerously, exploding, or spraying shrapnel onto the driver or passengers

Airbag manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are free of these and other problems. Any one of these defects can cause an injury that the driver otherwise could have avoided.

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