Defective Child Car Seats

Atlanta Defective Child Car Seats Attorney

Everyone knows that car seats are a necessity for young children when it comes to safety. Studies have even shown that smaller children should be using car seats well into their preteen years. When you purchase a car seat, you are making the responsible decision you think will promise to help keep your child safe on the road and might even save your child’s life in the event of a collision. Parents trust car seat manufacturers to design a dependable product and since the stakes are exceptionally high, this is a serious responsibility. Unfortunately, companies do sometimes fail to fulfill their obligation to parents and consumers by releasing car seats with dangerous defects.
When a manufacturing company puts their bottom line before the safety of their consumers’ children, they risk countless lives. These negligent companies should face the grave consequences of their actions instead of the parents who had placed their trust in the deceptive car seats. The Atlanta auto defect attorneys at Ausband & Dumont understand this major breach of trust occurs when companies fail to design safe, reliable child car seats and will fight for justice.

Common Defects of Unsafe Child Car Seats

Any number of engineering flaws or manufacturing errors can cause a problem that might be fatal. For example, Graco Children’s Products was forced to recall around four million child car seats due to a defective buckle. The buckle proved difficult to open and threatened to trap children in hazardous situations. Some other common defects that consumers have found include:

  • Buckles that stick
  • Faulty latches that are too loose or too hard to undo
  • Padding made from flammable materials
  • Adjusters that slide
  • Frames that break or warp easily

When companies set out to create and sell a safety feature for children, they have a duty to take extra care designing, building, and labeling their product. Even little defects can put a child in danger so the attorneys at Ausband & Dumont know that no case they take on could be too small.

How We Can Help

If your child or a child you know has been injured because of a defective car seat, the auto defects attorneys at Ausband & Dumont can help you seek justice and compensation for monetary losses. This isn’t a battle you should be forced to fight alone and we know how intimidating it can be to work for what’s right in the face of large companies. Call us for a consultation with a legal professional at (404) 812-0051.