Seat Belt Defect

Atlanta Seat Belt Defect Lawyers

Seat belts exist to keep passengers safe. In accidents and rapid stops, they prevent passengers from jolting forward and hitting objects in front of them. However, when not manufactured properly, seat belts can fail to restrain passengers in collisions or stops. In these cases, instead of making vehicles safer, manufacturers can make them more dangerous.

When car manufacturers put defective seat belts in their products, they breach the trust consumers have in them, often with deadly consequences. If you or someone you love was injured because of a faulty seat belt, the Atlanta seat belt defect lawyers at Ausband & Dumont can help you fight the manufacturer and increase your chances of holding them responsible.

Types of Seat Belt Defects

If your seat belt failed to restrain you in an accident, it may have been due to manufacturer error. Here are some of the problems a faulty manufacturing can cause in a seat belt:

  • Failure to lock: Standard seat belts contain a spring mechanism called a retractor. In normal conditions, the retractor allows the passenger to pull out the seat belt. However, when the passenger’s body quickly and abruptly pulls out on the belt, such as in a collision, the retractor should lock up and hold the belt in place. If the manufacturer has fitted the seat belt with a faulty retractor, the belt can fail to lock, allowing it to continue pulling out. When this happens, the passenger can continue forward and hit objects in front of them, often causing injury.
  • Too much slack: If a seat belt is too loose when buckled and retracted, it can allow the passenger to travel too far forward before the belt locks, allowing them to hit objects in front of them. This can sometimes be due to a design flaw caused by the manufacturer.
  • Buckle failure: When a seat belt is buckled, it is supposed to be secured in place so that it can properly restrain the passenger. However, a faulty buckle can sometimes disengage in a collision, unfastening the seat belt and keeping it from doing its job.

A faulty seat belt can fail in any of the above ways and others. Whatever the cause, when a seat belt fails, the passenger is in serious danger of crashing into whatever is in front of them, making a collision even more harmful.

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