Lack of Signs

Atlanta Lack of Signs Lawyers

Road signs are a common occurrence and seem to appear everywhere on the road. From street signs with directions to construction signs and other warnings, the large number of different signs are meant to give a wide range of information to drivers. There are so many road signs that we may find ourselves ignoring those that are familiar or not immediately relevant. However, if a road sign is missing, it can pose a serious danger to all drivers on the road. Without necessary signage, drivers may not take necessary precautions while driving, which could result in serious injury or, in the worst cases, death.

Those responsible for posting appropriate signs, often a local municipal group or construction company, are at fault if those signs are missing and this absence leads to an accident. This is a serious problem and you have a right to fight against it or for compensation in the event you were hurt by this. The lack of signs lawyers at Ausband & Dumont are experienced in road safety laws and will help you make a case in the event of missing signage.

Important Types of Signage

Road signs are essential for communicating information about road conditions and other hazards to drivers, which helps to keep them safe. Countless car accidents each year are caused by a lack of road signs and the unsafe conditions they cause. Below is a list of important road signs that help to make the road safer.

  • Speed limits
  • Stop signs at crosswalks and intersections
  • Warning signs for construction
  • Warning signs for weather related road conditions
  • Road closed signs
  • Warning signs for adverse driving conditions
  • Inadequate road paint markings

These signs help guide the flow of traffic, keep road workers and other pedestrians safe, and protect drivers from harmful driving conditions. Without them, drivers are liable to make dangerous mistakes and hurt themselves or others.

Contact an Atlanta Lack of Signs Lawyer

When signs are missing, you may not have been at fault for your accident. In these cases, the organization responsible for signage should be held responsible for causing such a dangerous situation. If you have been affected by a lack of road signs, contact Ausband & Dumont’s lack of sign lawyers to learn more about your right to take action. They are prepared to help build your case and may be able to help you receive compensation for your expenses. To discuss your specific case, call (404) 812-0051 today.