Atlanta Speeding Accident Attorneys

While most drivers in Atlanta understand the critical importance of speed limits and obey them, many drivers continue to act recklessly and regularly exceed the speed limit. When speeding vehicles collide with other vehicles, accidents that would have already been dangerous become even more so. The physical and emotional trauma from speeding accidents can be devastating. As you recover, then, you should not be burdened by the financial stress of paying medical bills, the cost of lost wages, or any other damages incurred.

The Atlanta speeding accident attorneys at Ausband & Dumont may help you determine the extent of the damages you suffered and then pursue the speeding driver for those financial damages in the Atlanta civil court.

Dangers Associated With Speeding

While speeding itself may seem to be an innocuous offense, vehicles traveling at a higher rate of speed are far more likely to create dangerous situations that may result in a serious car accident. Some of the results of speeding include:

  • Decreasing a driver’s ability to quickly stop
  • Limiting a driver’s ability to react to traffic conditions
  • Causing other drivers to adversely react

Generally speaking, speeding increases both the likelihood and severity of car accidents in the Atlanta area. Our Atlanta legal team understands just troubling these accidents can be, particularly since they may have been altogether avoided if the other Atlanta driver was not speeding.

Consult With an Atlanta Speeding Accident Victim Attorneys

At the Ausband & Dumont, our Atlanta speeding accident attorneys will aggressively pursue financial restitution on behalf of accident victims for any pain and suffering incurred through no fault of their own. To discuss the particulars of your car accident with one of our Atlanta personal injury lawyers, please call our offices at (404) 812-0051 today.