Atlanta Burns Lawyers

Children are particularly vulnerable to being involved in an injury-causing accident. Though injuries are inevitable, most accidents that children are involved in are minor and do not cause serious physical harm. Unfortunately, in some cases, people’s carelessness can cause serious injury to others. Burn injuries are among the most painful physical ordeals that a child can go through, and sadly, burn accidents are often caused by someone else’s carelessness or dangerous behavior.

In the wake of a serious burn injury, a child can experience pain, discomfort, scarring, and possible disfigurement. Additionally, the parents can also suffer emotionally and financially. The attorneys at the Ausband & Dumont understand the stress that Atlanta families experience in the wake of a burn injury, which is why we work diligently to fight for the compensation that our clients need.

Causes of Child Burns

When children are unsupervised, they can easily access dangerous materials that could lead to injuries. Though there are many ways that a child could be injured, children are most likely to be burned when they are in close proximity to the following:

  • A campfire
  • A stovetop
  • Matches/candles
  • Car parts (overheated)
  • Toxic chemicals

All of these materials could pose a danger to children; however, in the event that a child is harmed, an experienced personal injury attorney can provide the necessary legal skills to fight for justice and compensation.

Contact a Burns Attorney in Atlanta

When a devastating injury occurs because of someone else’s negligence, the responsible party should be held accountable for the damage caused. The attorneys at the Ausband & Dumont understand that severe burn injuries have the potential to redirect the course of a child’s life, and we work to help victims’ families receive compensation in order to offset the cost of all possible damages. To discuss your case with one of our attorneys, call us today at (404) 812-0051.