Age-Inappropriate Toys

Atlanta Age-Inappropriate Toys Lawyers

Parents and caregivers of all sorts understand that they have a duty to protect their children from physical harm. Even when searching for the perfect toy, child safety takes priority over fun. We often make this decision, resting assured that we have found something perfectly safe, because of an attached age-group label. However, manufacturers sometimes mislabel dangerous toys, incorrectly stamping them as appropriate for children too young to enjoy them safely.
The child injury attorneys at Ausband & Dumont are familiar with the risks that accompany mislabeling or even failing to label potentially dangerous toys. Children under 3 are vulnerable to choking hazards, and mechanized toys might be designed with parts that can catch or pinch little, curious hands. If a manufacturer fails to properly consider the risks posed by their product, they may be legally responsible for the poor labeling of age-inappropriate toys.

What Makes a Toy Age-Inappropriate?

Children can be injured—even killed—by toys that have parts requiring a certain amount of dexterity, awareness, or bodily soundness to handle. Some examples of dangerous toy features and their possible consequences include:

  • Small, removable pieces that might cause a young child to choke
  • Electric wiring that might shock and injure an infant
  • Elevated seats or counters that a small child might fall from
  • Toxic paints, fluids, or pieces that could poison a child if consumed
  • Sharp edges that might lacerate a child

Manufacturers have a duty to consider all of the possible injuries that might result from the use or misuse of their toys. If a producer confidently provides age-inappropriate toys, the consequences could be devastating.

How We Can Help

If your child or a child you know has been injured while playing with an age-inappropriate toy, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Our child injury attorneys at Ausband & Dumont believe that you deserve to recover costs associated with medical bills, lost time, and lifestyle changes. Contact us at (404) 812-0051 for a consultation with a knowledgeable legal professional.