Atlanta Drowning Attorneys

Facing the drowning of one of your children is one of the most difficult things a parent can be subjected to, as it can result in permanent disability for the child or cause their death. Tragically, many drowning incidents arise because of other people’s negligence, whether they fail to properly maintain their pool or fail to provide adequate supervision of children at a pool.

At the Ausband & Dumont, we know how devastating it is for parents in Atlanta to face the loss and suffering that accompanies a drowning incident, especially when the drowning was the result of another party’s reckless actions. However, many families dealing with these difficult repercussions are able to get the justice, closure, and compensation they need by filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the party responsible for the drowning.

Causes of Drowning

When we visit a pool, we trust that it is properly constructed and maintained. Additionally, we trust that other adults who are supposed to be supervising children at a pool are acting responsibly and safely. Unfortunately, our trust in both of these instances can be violated, resulting in a child drowning.

Some of the common causes of drowning include:

  • Improper supervision at swimming pools
  • Diving board accidents
  • Drain-related accidents

These situations can easily cause an innocent child to drown, resulting in their death or permanent disability, which can be devastating for the parents and loved ones.

Discuss Drowning with a Lawyer in Atlanta

If your child has drowned because of the negligence or recklessness of another person, then you could be due financial compensation. Though this compensation will only go a small way toward alleviating your loss, it can provide you with a sense of justice and reduce any other difficulties that you could be facing. Speak with our attorneys at the Ausband & Dumont about how we might be able to help you pursue this justice and compensation by calling (404) 812-0051.