Child Injury Caused by Failure to Supervise

While they are at work, many parents in Atlanta trust the care of their children to the school system or to a daycare. The primary expectation for any school or daycare is that the children they are entrusted with will be properly supervised at all times. However, dangerous situations do arise, and children are injured as a result of a failure to supervise all too often.

The Atlanta-based child injury lawyers at the Ausband & Dumont represent clients whose children have been injured through a failure to supervise, and we will aggressively pursue financial restitution from the responsible party in the Atlanta civil court system.

Dangerous Situations That May Result From a Failure to Supervise

When Atlanta schools or daycares fail to properly supervise the children in their care, a number of dangerous circumstances may lead to a child’s injury. Among the most dangerous situations that may result from a failure to supervise are:

  • Consumption of unsecured chemicals
  • A fall from an unsecured window
  • Altercations that occur between children

Child injuries caused by a failure to supervise are entirely preventable. Atlanta parents should be able to trust their children are properly supervised at all times when in the care of another trusted individual or organization. Our Atlanta legal team shares deep sympathy with parents whose children have been injured as a result of an organization’s failure to supervise them.

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