Atlanta School Injury Lawyers

When parents send their children off to school for the day, they trust that their children will be safe and properly supervised. Because of this inherent trust, when a child is injured at school, it is especially troubling for parents. Aside from the serious physical and emotional trauma a child might sustain from the injury, the financial impact of these injuries can be substantial. When a child is injured at school as a result of some form of negligence, the school may be held financially accountable for their irresponsible actions.

The Atlanta school injury lawyers at the Ausband & Dumont understand how devastating a child’s injury can be for the victim and the family, especially when the incident occurred at school.

Conditions That Commonly Lead to Injury at School

There are many conditions that may lead to your child’s injury at school, and many are forms of unacceptable negligence on the part of the school. Some situations in which child injury may occur at school are:

  • When property conditions or playground equipment is not properly maintained
  • When students are not properly supervised and students are allowed to engage in dangerous activities
  • When teachers, or any other school staff members, fail to provide or enforce proper security measures

Schools should be a place of safety for your children. If your child has been injured in an accident at school as the result of the school’s negligence, you do not have to face this disturbing incident alone. An experienced school injury attorney can help you pursue compensation from the irresponsible parties that allowed your child to be harmed.

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