Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The responsibility that doctors and other medical professionals have towards their patients is extremely important, as even relatively minor mistakes or careless errors on the part of a physician can have devastating or even fatal consequences for patients. In order to ensure that patients are not forced to bear the burden of paying for the costs of these mistakes on their own, medical malpractice laws allow doctors and other medical parties in these situations to be held liable for their errors.

Fighting for compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit may be the only viable way for patients to get the compensation they need and deserve. Our team at Ausband & Dumont knows many people in Atlanta have been the victims of medical malpractice and, as such, we want them to know what their options are for fighting for their rights in this situation.

Types of Medical Malpractice

There are a substantial number of different ways in which medical malpractice can harm patients, including the following:

When a person is victimized by these or other acts of medical malpractice, the medical professional who is responsible for causing the harm should be held accountable, providing the victim and/or their family with compensation and justice.

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