Atlanta Lack of Informed Consent Attorneys

Before your doctor should have even begun the medical procedure or treatment that adversely affected your health, your doctor should have obtained a statement of informed consent that indicated you understood what was at stake. Now that you may be struggling with health complications that are associated with that procedure or treatment, you have every reason to seek compensation.

At the Ausband & Dumont, our Atlanta lack of informed consent attorneys may be able to help you recover compensation for all the pain and suffering that has been associated with your Atlanta doctor’s malpractice.

Lack of Informed Consent Claims in Atlanta

In order to obtain informed consent from their patients, physicians in Atlanta must ensure that their patients are fully aware of everything that will be associated with the proposed medical procedure or treatment, including the following:

  • The exact nature of the patient’s medical condition
  • What the intended result of the procedure or treatment will be
  • The possible risks of that procedure and treatment
  • Whether any alternative procedures or treatments are available
  • The likelihood of the procedure’s or treatment’s success
  • The expectations associated with the recovery
  • The expected cost of the procedure or treatment
  • Whether the patient’s insurance will cover the procedure or treatment

Whatever the particulars of your circumstances, our Atlanta legal team is dedicated to helping you fight to maintain your rights and protect your future.

Consult with a Lack of Informed Consent Attorney in Atlanta

If a medical professional failed to obtain informed consent from you or a loved one, you should speak with an Atlanta lack of informed consent attorney at Ausband & Dumont to begin assessing what compensation you or a loved one may be able to recover with a personal injury claim. To discuss the conduct of your or a loved one’s doctor with one of our Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys, please call our Atlanta offices at (404) 812-0051 today.