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Nursing homes are supposed to provide the elderly with the care their families cannot. Unfortunately, all too often, nursing homes carelessly allow residents to develop health problems and ignore them until it is too late. Bedsores are one of the most common injuries caused by nursing home negligence. These injuries, also known as pressure sores, occur when the skin experiences constant pressure, such as when one is constantly pressed up against a bed. These sores are always painful, and if left unchecked, they can become extremely hazardous to the person’s health. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 1 in 10 nursing home residents suffer from bedsores.

Nursing home employees have a duty to care for residents, and that responsibility includes watching for and preventing bedsores. If someone you love has suffered from bedsores while living in a nursing home, it may be due to nursing home negligence. At Ausband & Dumont, we believe nursing homes that fail to provide the elderly with proper care should be held accountable. We will fight tirelessly to make the nursing home pay for the harm done to your loved one.

How Negligence Causes Bed Sores

Nursing home employees have an influence over many of the factors that cause bedsores. Here are some of the ways nursing home negligence can lead residents to develop painful and dangerous bedsores:

  • Failing to check: Severe bedsores can easily form when employees do not notice the early warning signs. When employees fail to check, a mild skin abrasion can develop into a painful, infected sore. It is especially important that employees regularly check on residents experiencing cognitive disorders, who may not report the beginnings of sores.
  • Limiting mobility: When employees allow residents to lie or sit in the same position for too long, the pressure on the skin of the resident can cause them to develop bedsores.
  • Ignoring incontinence: Since bedsores occur on the skin, incontinence can irritate and worsen sores that have started near affected areas. Nursing home employees need to pay special attention to incontinent patients to make sure they do not develop bedsores.

If your loved one developed bedsores after careless missteps by nursing home employees, they may be the victim of nursing home negligence.

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Confronting nursing home negligence is a difficult struggle. Your loved one has been hurt, and the nursing home has breached the trust you had in it to provide care. The Atlanta nursing home negligence attorneys at Ausband & Dumont want to help. We will work with you to build a negligence case against the nursing home and increase your chances of holding them financially accountable for the harm they caused your loved one. If you believe someone you love developed a bedsore due to nursing home negligence, contact the Atlanta bed sore attorneys at Ausband & Dumont today by calling (404) 812-0051.