Four Things You Should Know About Nursing Home Abuse

Four Things You Should Know About Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a disturbing and uncomfortable topic. Abuse of the elderly is an unfortunate reality that occurs far too frequently all over the United States. If one of your loved ones is currently living in a nursing home or you are considering finding a nursing home for a family member, there are a few things you should know about nursing home abuse. It may be uncomfortable, but it is important to be informed.

1. Statistics
It is important to see the related statistics in order to fully comprehend how widespread the problem of nursing home abuse is. Approximately two million cases of elderly abuse are reported annually in the United States, and about one out of every 10 individuals in nursing homes will experience some form of abuse in their time there. Also, it has been reported that nearly one-third of all nursing homes have been cited for violating federal standards.

2. Different Types of Abuse
The term “abuse” tends to make people think of violent acts like punching, kicking, or shoving; they are not wrong, but there are many other forms of nursing home abuse. Some of the most common types of nursing home abuse include neglectful monitoring, sexual violation, isolation from family, threats or humiliation, negligent medical care, and even financial abuse.

3. Signs of Abuse
The warning signs of nursing home abuse include, but are not limited to: unexplained bruises, bedsores, sudden weight loss, dramatic mood changes, emotional irritation, anxiety, and unsafe or unclean living conditions. It is essential to know these tell-tale signs of abuse if you have a loved one in a nursing home.

4. Prevention
Preventing elder abuse includes three steps: listening to seniors and their caregivers, intervening when you suspect abuse, and educating others about how to recognize and report elder abuse. People tend to shy away from the topic, but it important to educate others on this serious issue.

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