Sexual Abuse

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Caregivers in a nursing facility are typically a source of comfort, support, and assistance for their patients. This job is essential to a fully functional nursing home, but if a staff member abuses the position, the consequences can be devastating. Sexual abuse is never acceptable, but in relation to the elderly population, it is often misunderstood and goes unreported. Statistics indicate that only 30% of individuals over the age of 65 report sexual abuse. However, nursing homes are especially susceptible to elder sexual abuse, particularly when patients suffer from memory loss or paralysis. Unfortunately, the primary caregiver within the facility is the sexual abuser 81% of the time.

These statistics are shocking and disturbing, and we must work to put an end to elder sexual abuse. The sexual abuse lawyers at Ausband & Dumont are prepared to work with you to fight against this behavior. We will help ensure that those responsible for sexually abusing you or a loved one face consequences.

Signs of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse refers to any unwanted sexual contact from one individual upon another, where the perpetrator uses force or coercion or the victim is unable to give consent. This unwanted contact may occur repeatedly and over an extended period or over a short duration and infrequently. It is important to understand that sexual abuse does not refer only to penetrative sex, but also encompasses any kind of sexual touch or lewd behavior. Additionally, individuals of any gender may be victims of sexual abuse. In order to help end sexual abuse, it is important to recognize common signs, such as:

  • Unexplained STDs and infections
  • Bruises in genital areas and near breasts
  • Unexplained genital bleeding
  • Torn or bloody clothing
  • Increased difficulty walking or sitting
  • Depression or isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Fear around caregivers
  • Agitation and other mood changes

Unfortunately, sexual abuse of the elderly is too common of an occurrence, and it often continues without consequence. Patients may be unwilling to report it due to fear or embarrassment. By looking for common signs of this abuse, you may be able to prevent it from continuing. Elder sexual abuse is a despicable action that can have severe and lifelong physical and emotional consequences. The sooner the sexual abuse can be put to an end, the sooner an individual can begin to heal from this traumatic experience.

Contact an Atlanta Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered from sexual abuse, you may feel like you do not know where to turn for help. You do not have to face this daunting situation alone. An experienced sexual abuse lawyer at Ausband & Dumont can help you fight back against this injustice and receive the compensation you need. Together we can work together to fight against elder sexual abuse. To discuss your specific case, contact us at (404) 812-0051 today.