Elevator and Escalator Injuries

Atlanta Elevator and Escalator Injuries Attorneys

Many Georgia businesses have adopted the fantastic modern convenience of mechanized transportation in their buildings. Elevators and escalators help countless people haul their luggage through airports, access high floors in skyscrapers, and generally get indoors with ease. Unfortunately, sometimes these businesses forget that these features, like other parts of their property, require constant upkeep and maintenance to keep them safe for users. Furthermore, because elevators and escalators rely on heavy equipment and fast-moving gears to work, their disrepair means that people can be seriously injured.
Huge amounts of physical pain and financial suffering can happen when property owners are negligent in the upkeep of their elevators and escalators. The premises liability attorneys at Ausband & Dumont are well versed in the variety of ways that property owners can be held legally responsible for causing accidents. Because businesses and other organizations are responsible for making sure the public can safely use their elevators and escalators, individuals hurt by their neglect deserve financial compensation.

What Causes Elevator and Escalator Accidents?

Many accidents that occur on indoor transportation each year could have been prevented by proper care, machinery, and signage. For example, accidents can be caused by:

  • Gaps between stairs or between the stairs and the landing of escalators
  • Unmarked open elevator shafts
  • Dark hallways or elevators
  • Hazardous equipment or tools that are left in the open
  • Broken gears or pulleys
  • An elevator that has not been properly balanced or made to line up evenly with the floor

This list is certainly not a complete account of the causes of elevator and escalator injuries. A wide variety of factors could cause an accident. If you are hurt in this type of accident, a personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What You Can Do

If you were involved in an accident on an elevator or escalator, a premises liability attorney can help you assess whether negligence played a part in causing your injury. The attorneys at Ausband & Dumont believe that if a property owner caused or could have prevented your accident, you deserve monetary compensation to help you offset the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering. Contact us at (404) 812-0051 to speak with a skilled legal professional about your rights.