Lead Paint Poisoning

Atlanta Lead Paint Poisoning Lawyers

Lead poisoning is dangerous for everyone, but it can have especially harmful effects for society’s smallest, most vulnerable members. When lead finds its way into a child’s body, it can cause a variety of terrifying problems. Brain and kidney damage, learning disabilities, hearing loss, speech delays, and emotional problems have all been linked to lead poisoning. The dangers of this metal are well documented and widely known. National regulations even removed lead from paint production in 1978 with the hope of making lead poisoning a matter of history instead of a current public health concern. However, in 2014, over 2,500 Georgia children tested positive for unsafe levels of lead in their blood. How did this happen?
The answer is simple: many folks still live in older houses and apartment buildings. People who own or rent homes built before 1978 might be at risk of exposure to lead-based paint. The premises liability attorneys at Ausband & Dumont are aware that Georgia citizens, especially our children, are still in danger of being poisoning by lead in our homes and our workplaces. However, our legal team also knows that property owners have a responsibility to keep their buildings safe. That means that if you get lead poisoning because of the careless negligence of a property owner, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation.

How Lead Poisoning Occurs

Lead poisoning happens when the unsafe levels of the metal disrupt the body’s natural processes. It can harm vulnerable organs like the kidneys and the brain. Of course, before lead can damage the body, it must first find its way in. If you are not exposed, you cannot contract lead poisoning. Because lead poisoning is so easily preventable, our premises liability attorneys take these cases very seriously. Property owners are responsible for taking reasonable steps to make sure their tenants or guests do not make contact with lead.
Lead poisoning occurs most frequently in children because their bodies are more vulnerable. Lead can enter the body when a child:

  • Breathes in paint dust containing led
  • Eats paint chips from the walls or from debris
  • Gets paint dust on their hands and then puts their hands in their mouths
  • Attempts to eat small items glazed with lead paint
  • Absorbs lead through the skin

Tragically, far too many children today live in homes containing lead-based paint. Even if it is just a small section on a windowpane, this paint can pose a serious health risk.

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