Slip and Fall

Atlanta Slip and Fall Attorneys

The idea that owners should be responsible for the maintenance of their property is standard and acceptable. One might say it’s a basic concept as firm as the ground we walk on, or at least as firm as the ground should be. Unfortunately, many people each year experience the shock and pain that occurs when owners fail to make their property safe—when negligence literally makes the ground less stable. Slipping and falling in dangerous conditions can result in severe, long-lasting injuries. Medical bills and lost wages can place a terrible burden on a slip and fall victim while they recover.
The premises liability attorneys at Ausband & Dumont know that, unfortunately, many people do not seek the damages they deserve after a slip and fall accident because they instinctively blame themselves or excuse the surrounding conditions. However, property owners have a serious obligation to keep their land or buildings safe for others. Slip and fall accidents can be devastating for the victim and they are often easily avoidable.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall

Basic property care can avert most slip and fall accidents. This basic maintenance can include as simple a thing as putting up a sign where the area is uneven or wet. Other attempts at fixing unfavorable situations may be more difficult and time intensive, but a warning of danger should be made in these situations regardless. It should be a priority to keep visitors safe from the most important of property managers to simple homeowners. Some examples of unsafe conditions that can cause dangerous accidents are:

  • Overly slick flooring materials
  • Wood or linoleum made wet by spills or leaks
  • A hole or crack in a dark or hard-to-see space
  • Bulky materials left in areas of high foot traffic
  • Maintenance equipment not stored properly

Property owners have a responsibility to make sure that they avoid these and other conditions by properly clearing walkways, drying wet floors, and fixing any uneven or otherwise unsafe areas. However, the attorneys at Ausband & Dumont know all too well that these measures are often not taken and lead to devastating accidents for an innocent party.

How We Can Help

If you have suffered through a slip and fall accident, you should consult a legal professional to determine whether you can seek financial compensation. You can benefit from the experience of the premises liability attorneys at Ausband & Dumont. Call (404) 812-0051 to learn more about your rights and discuss your options with a member of our knowledgeable legal team.