Stair Collapse

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Whether you’re climbing a set of stairs to head out of your friend’s basement or stepping down some wooden planks on a state park hill, a stair collapse can be a devastating event. The ensuing fall, along with the dangerous debris and the terrifying shock, can be immensely dangerous no matter where the stairs are located. Stair collapse is a serious issue that has hurt—even killed—unsuspecting people. Precisely because it can be so dangerous, Georgia premises liability laws require property owners to make sure their stairs are safe.

The premises liability attorneys at Ausband & Dumont understand that sometimes people are reluctant to speak up about injuries they sustain on someone else’s property; they can feel like an accident or simply bad luck. However, if a victim is hurt because the property owner failed to take reasonable safety measures or properly warn people about the danger, that victim is entitled to financial compensation. Premises liability attorneys fight to recover the costs of their clients’ medical bills, emotional suffering, and lost wages. They work to make sure the party responsible pays for the victim’s injuries.

Common Causes of Stair Collapse

Why does stair collapse occur at all? It’s one thing to think about how innocent people can be badly hurt when stairs collapse, but it’s another to figure out what construction issues end up causing these horrible accidents. Stairs, a building feature we tend to take for granted, are actually an amazing feat of engineering. The most basic wooden stairs consist of stringers, risers, and treads. Stringers are the framing structures on the sides of the stairs that risers and treads are affixed to. Risers are the vertical boards under each step that bear the weight of those using the stairs. Treads are the boards that people actually place their feet on. Understanding the basic construction of stairs can help you better understand these common causes of stair collapse. They are:

  • Risers that cannot properly hold weight due to unfit materials or structural instability
  • Rotten treads that give out under your feet
  • Stringers that do not correctly stabilize risers and treads
  • Rotten or worn-down materials for risers, stringers, or treads
  • Poor workmanship involving any of the stair’s parts

Collapse can happen because the property owner fails to maintain the stair’s structure, making them responsible for any injuries that occur.

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