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It is safe to say that cars are an important part of our daily lives in Georgia. Whether you are one of the many auto enthusiasts in Atlanta or a student who relies on an old SUV to get to classes in Athens, almost all of us use and encounter vehicles on a regular basis. We expect our cars to be designed with safety in mind precisely because we spend so much time on the road. Our lives quite literally depend on the quality of the tires underneath us, the seatbelts across our chests, and the powerful engines in front of us.

The state of Georgia reflects the dire importance of properly functioning vehicles through product liability laws. As the legal team at Ausband & Dumont knows, designers, manufacturers, and distributors have a legal obligation to prioritize consumer safety. That means if a defective car causes an accident you could be entitled to financial compensation. You may even have a case if you were injured in an accident not directly caused by your car. Manufacturers are expected to make “crashworthy” vehicles—cars that can properly protect you in the event of a collision.

Some Common Defects

When you’re stuck in traffic or on your way to pick up an item at the store, it’s easy not to think about the importance of safety features in your vehicle. However, these features should always be on the minds of engineers and manufacturers who design automobiles. Some common defects that have caused accidents or failed to protect passengers during a collision are:

  • Acceleration or break pedals that stick or disconnect, making it impossible to change speeds or stop
  • Steering components that break abruptly, resulting in a loss of vehicle control
  • Fuel systems that leak after a collision, causing fires or explosions
  • Electrical problem, including improper wiring, resulting in fires or explosions
  • Windshield wipers that stick or break, causing decreased visibility in dangerous conditions
  • Wheels or wheel axles that crack or shift, making it difficult to control the vehicle

These are only a few examples from an endless list of defects that could make your car unacceptably dangerous. If you suspect that your car somehow contributed to an accident or failed to protect you, you should seek skilled legal counsel to determine if a defect played a role in your accident.

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