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With the briefest glance around at home or at work, you can probably find dozens of products that have been painstakingly designed. From pencils to laptops, the products we use every day have to be intentionally planned out. Their dimensions have to be defined, their material selected, and their individual parts precisely measured to fit together. It’s easy to let product design drift to the back of your mind—until it becomes the problem. Sometimes a design defect has no effect besides making the product unappealing on the free market. A coffee mug with a crooked handle might not be too popular. However, some design defects can cause serious injury to unsuspecting consumers. A coffee mug with a wonky handle that breaks off in your hand, spilling scalding liquid in your lap, is not simply unappealing; it’s dangerous.

The design defect attorneys at Ausband & Dumont deal with three categories of defects that can be used in a lawsuit. Design defects are one. The others are manufacturing defects and marketing defects. Design defects are distinct because they occur due to a problem with the product’s very makeup. A manufacturing error might involve a screw not being properly tightened on the factory floor, but a design defect happens because a product is poorly conceived. The flaw comes from the design itself.

The Dangers of Design Defects

The law specifies that designers and manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe for use. This makes them legally liable for injuries caused by bad design. Sadly, many companies ignore their legal responsibilities and make mistakes during the design stage to try to save money. Perhaps they want to capitalize on a market trend before a boom ends and fail to properly test the product. Perhaps they want to pinch pennies by choosing cheaper materials that wind up being unsafe. Whatever the reasoning, companies behave recklessly when they design products with dangerous defects. Some examples of defects that can cause serious injury include:

  • Highly flammable or explosive materials used to make products that are meant to get hot or be near heat
  • Small parts that pose a choking hazard, included in toys meant for children
  • Uneven dimensions resulting in unstable tables, chairs, beds, etc.
  • Improperly-designed wiring
  • The lack of a hand-guard on a dangerous power saw

Companies are meant to think about how consumers will interact with their products and take steps to make those interactions safe. From the moment a designer dreams up a product, to the moment it is marketed, businesses should prioritize the well-being of their customers.

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