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When someone says “manufacturing,” visions of factories full of huge, whirring machines might pop into your head. These noisy, equipment-filled buildings could be churning out huge steel beams, metallic parts, or car components. The term calls to mind industrial machinery and big, intimidating products, but most of the products we use—from sweet tea jugs to library books— are manufactured. Manufacturing is simply the process by which raw materials, such as wood, are turned into finished products. Through manufacturing, wooden planks can become a solid table or a sturdy rocking chair.

However, sometimes those tables and rocking chairs are neither solid nor sturdy, and such manufacturing defects can cause serious injuries. Imagine an unsuspecting consumer enduring a hard fall because a chair’s joints are not securely fitted together. If this individual is older or has a pre-existing physical condition, they could be severely hurt. Every day we assume that the products we buy will function correctly. When they do not, the results can be dire.

The Dangers of Manufacturing Defects

Three categories of defects can come into play in a lawsuit. Manufacturing defects are one. The others are design defects and marketing defects. Manufacturing defects are distinct because they occur due to a problem when the product is being made. An item might have a completely safe design, but it can still have a manufacturing defect if, for example, a screw is not tightened as much as it should be. The flaw comes from something that happens during production.

The law specifies that manufacturers have an obligation to make sure their products are safe for use. As the product liability attorneys at Ausband & Dumont well know, if a consumer is hurt because of a poorly constructed item, the manufacturer might be held legally liable and ordered to provide financial compensation. The law recognizes that products engineered, made, or sold with dangerous defects are a public hazard.
Any number of errors during manufacturing can result in a perilous product defect. Some common examples are:

  • Use of toxic paints or other materials
  • Application of incorrect colors to a product, especially when colors are meant to communicate safety information
  • Poor workmanship
  • Accidental installation of the wrong components
  • Use of screws, bolts, or other parts that do not properly fit the product
  • Unsafe wiring of electrical circuits

These are just a few examples of manufacturing defects from a list that is potentially endless. If you suspect that you were injured due to a defect not on this list, you should consult a legal professional. You may still be the victim of a manufacturing problem.

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