Toxic Food Products and Containers

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From its simplest role as a nourishing function to the more exciting and delicious meals in life, food is at the heart of human life. It holds a crucial place in our daily routines and helps to mark our special events. Precisely because food is so important, we place a lot of trust in those involved in food distribution—everyone from farmers to deli cashiers—to ensure that their products are safe to consume. Unfortunately, the Center for Disease Control estimates that a staggering 48 million people a year get sick from foodborne diseases in the United States. Around 3,000 people die annually because of unsafe food.

Mistakes that make food toxic for a consumer can occur in any one of the many steps involved in food distribution and are not limited to the food itself. As the product liability attorneys at Ausband & Dumont well know, food can be contaminated during its own production and can also be made toxic by packaging and unsafe containers. Businesses involved in distributing food have a duty to ensure that their products are safe for consumers.

Causes of Preventable Food Illness

Food producers and packagers, along with businesses that make food containers, can prevent widespread illness by implementing basic safety measures. Some of these are enforced by the government by means of regulations, which include the throughout washing of exposed body parts, wearing hair nets, and making sure produce is clean. Factories producing containers also have cleanliness standards to reach and can be held liable if they put toxic materials into their products. When proper precautions are not taken, food can become contaminated or otherwise unsafe. Some common causes of preventable consumer illness are:

  • Dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites
  • Toxic chemicals from pesticides or containers
  • Molds
  • Botulism
  • Mislabeled food

To make sure the foods we eat are safe, food distributors have a legal responsibility to take the proper care growing, handling, packaging, labeling, and selling their products. The illnesses that can occur when they don’t can lead to high medical bills and lost wages.

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Dangerous foods or containers can lead to long-term disaster, especially for those with weakened immune systems and allergies, in cases of mislabeled food. When toxic food forces you to incur medical bills, lost wages, or psychological trauma, you shouldn’t have to suffer quietly. If you have suffered because of toxic food products or containers, you could be due financial compensation. Contact the product liability attorneys of Ausband & Dumont by calling (404) 812-0051. Our experienced team can assess your case and help you identify your legal options.