Driving with Overweight Load

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The U.S. government places many regulations on truck driving to try to ensure that this dangerous job has as few risks as possible. Although these regulations do often help to make the road safer, they only do so if employers and drivers both follow the regulations. Due to the demands of the job, many employers choose to overload trucks in order to move more material at a time. While this is cost and time effective for the company, it puts every other driver on the road at risk, as an overweight truck has significantly more risks than the average commercial truck. This can lead to serious damages, accidents, and even death

When truck drivers and employers break the law in this way, they endanger the lives of many other people. This is an irresponsible choice that is unacceptable, and the Atlanta driving with overweight load lawyers at Ausband & Dumont want to help you fight back against these companies.

Dangers of an Overweight Truck

In order to move overweight loads, commercial truck companies must follow regulations and receive a permit from the state of Georgia. This permit ensures that the vehicle and the driver are equipped to safely transport this load. This is an important safety measure that is used to keep drivers safe, but it may be overlooked due to time or monetary constraints. When this occurs, the vehicle has a greater risk of causing an accident not only because of the structural integrity of the vehicle but also because the driver may be unprepared to handle a vehicle with additional weight. Below are just a few of the dangers of driving and overweight load.

  • Inability to stop or slow the vehicle
  • Inability to maneuver the truck
  • Lack of control with turning
  • Loss of steering control
  • Excessive stress on the vehicle
  • Increased risk of a vehicle roll-over

These problems are often avoidable, provided the truck was carrying an appropriate weight. However, in cases where drivers irresponsibly carry overweight loads, these events can cause devastating accidents.

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If you or a loved one has been negatively affected by a truck driving with an overweight load, you have the right to fight back. This type of accident is not your fault, and you should not have to pay for someone else’s carelessness. The Atlanta driving with overweight load lawyers at Ausband & Dumont have experience litigating these kinds of cases, and they are prepared to help you. Contact them at (404) 812-0051 today to discuss the specifics or your case.