Verdicts Young Case

State Court of Gwinnett County
Julie and John Young, as Parents and Next of Kin of Justin Young, a Minor, and Julie and John Young, Individually v. Confidential Pharmacy, Confidential Pharmacist, Confidential Pharm. D. and Confidential Parent Company

Justin Young, a five year old child, was born with an incarcerated hernia which required surgery resulting in a digestive disorder. His doctors prescribed Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) to insure Justin received proper nutrition. The TPN was administered each night through a port directly into Justin’s digestive tract.

The Defendant pharmacy acting through their pharmacist provided home health care services including mixing and delivering the TPN for Justin. The Plaintiffs contended that the pharmacist and the home health care pharmacy put an excessive amount of potassium in Justin’s TPN and when it was administered to Justin it resulted in a heart attack and resulting oxygen deprivation to the brain. The result of this, Plaintiffs contended, was a severe brain injury. In particular, the Plaintiffs through lab analysis and expert testimony contended that the pharmacy, acting through their pharmacist, substituted potassium acetate for sodium acetate resulting in the potassium overdose.

The case settled before trial in the amount of seven million five hundred thousand dollars ($7,500,000.00).